Comments and Testimonials

“I've been feeling moved to share my experience with Loretta's body work. I had a session with Loretta, recently, and was again blown away by how beautifully she addressed my achy body. She worked with such love - I think the most important quality for any healing work - and I experienced pleasure and relief as she worked deeply and mindfully! Loretta has taught massage and practiced for years. This is evident in her work. If you need some loving-care for your body, she is a gem!”
--Satya Bella
San Diego California

“Loretta's massages are beyond relaxing, they are genuinely therapeutic.”
--massage client

“She not only has an amazing touch, there is also a sense of energy being redirected in my body in an incredibly healing manner.”
--massage client

“I walk out feeling taller, completely relaxed and de-stressed, and able to cope with life in a more healthy way.”
--Susan Carter
Boulder Colorado

“Artistic, never boring, varied, always changing. Loretta’s work is like music for me, like water flowing.”
--Christa Willen
Boulder, Colorado

“Going to see Loretta, compared to others…is kind of like going to a car wash: you can either have the surface body wash and polish, and it looks good, but then there is the deluxe wash, and that’s Loretta--she opens the hood and goes into the inner workings.”
--massage client

“[Loretta] finds the places that are tight, places I was unaware of. It is amazing how she can work on one small section for 15 minutes, and I feel peeled like an onion as she goes through the layers. I am truly grateful for the skill, knowledge and experience evident through her hands.”
--Kate Innskeep
Gold Hill, Colorado

“An hour with Loretta is like indulging in free, healthy, legal drugs! Not only does she tailor the session to what your body is needing- her sweet, warm energy makes for a most relaxing, enjoyable experience.”
--Natha Perkins
Boulder Colorado

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